Consignment is the quick and easy way that you can sell your furniture, home decor, art, rugs, collectible, and more, without any of the hassle. Blue Cat Vintage will display your product in our store and when it sells, you get a cut of the profit. Worried you’ll change your mind? As long as you come back for your item before it sells you can get it back!


Blue Cat Vintage is the best consignment store in the Pacific Northwest. Our friendly team of dedicated experts will walk you through the process of consignment, and get your item sold as fast as possible. Plus, our staff will work with you to make sure that you get the most money possible for your item. For a list of items we consign, see below!


Click the items below to learn more about the kind of items we consign, and the ones we don’t.

Not Sure about the item? Text or email pictures to us and we will review. We look for many great unique, fun, interesting items that we feel others will like. 


Blue Cat Vintage is always looking for consignment items both large and small. If you’re looking to clean house, moving, or just trying to downsize, contact us today.



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  1. Submit Pictures via text or email, describe any issues with items, include your name.
  2. We will evaluate which items we will consign. If we turn items down it may be due to condition, or it is not in trend with what buyers are buying at our store or region. 
  3. Once the picture submission items are approved, we will email a digital consignment agreement for signature. 
  4. Consignments are for 90 days.
  5. We will discount at 30 days and again at 60 days from the original price. 
  6. At 90 days you may pick your items, or we will continue to discount each item until it eventually sells. At some point it will be donated. If you decide to pick up your items, let us know in advance so we have time to gather everything together.
  7. Our Consignment Fee is 50% of the Selling Price. We set the price.
  8. If there are large items, we will pick up locally at no charge. And if there are small items as well, you must wrap up, pack in boxes, and have them ready for us to pick up with the large items.
  9. For small item consignments, pack them up using wrapping paper and bring them to us Wed – Fri 10am – 5:30pm.
  10. Once we receive or pick up items, we will tag all the items. We have many consignors we are processing, so it may take up to 4 weeks to process everything. We may process larger items more quickly, before the smaller items.
  11. An e-mail is sent to you by the 10th of each month listing both the items sold from previous month and the amount due to you. Checks are mailed to arrive on the 15th using our bank’s “bill pay” system.
  12. If you are relocating out of the country, we send the payment via PayPal or Zelle. PayPal will charge you a fee.
  13. Once you have a consignment agreement in place with us, if you have more items to consign, please continue to submit pictures to us for consignment consideration.

What Do
We Consign?

  • New, vintage, antique, furniture, décor, lighting, rugs, art.
  • Collectibles.
  • Old hardbound books in great condition.
  • Old house salvage, windows, doors, architectural, wrought iron fencing, old signs, doorknobs, cast iron tubs, stained glass windows.
  • Items must be in good working condition, and must be free of smoke, pet residue/hair, and stains. We do not repair anything.
  • If you have fall, Halloween, and Christmas décor (new, vintage, antique), we do accept this inventory year-round.
  • If there are any items that need batteries or light bulbs, please include. Items do not sell if they cannot be displayed in working order. 

What We Will
Not Consign?

  • Anything ripped, stained, broken, moldy or containing mildew.
  • China Dishes.
  • Clear non crystal glassware. We will look at crystal glassware and consider some items with no chips.
  • Antique Sewing Machines 
  • Mirrors without a Frame.
  • Dolls.
  • Clothing (there are several vintage clothing resale shops in Spokane, WA).
  • Vintage Hats & Handbags (Post Covid these are not in demand as of now. This could change).
  • Fine Jewelry Diamonds, Gold.
  • Old Mattresses


1. Text pictures to 509-655-1611. Include your name in first text message. iPhones text one picture at a time unless you send in an iCloud link. Email pictures to [email protected]

2. Let us know if there are any issues with the items. 

3. We will respond by the next business day. 

4. If you do not have the ability to text or email, please call 509-655-1611. 

5. Pack fragile items with care and use paper or bubble wrap. Place in Box. Do not stack your items in a box unwrapped.